50 Dollar Paint Job With Flames Step-by-Step


The 50 Dollar Paint Job – Step-by-Step

This video was created as a sneak peak into the world of the famous Rustoleum Paint Job on Steroids!

With regular rustoleim paint mixtures you are not taking full advantage of what you can really achieve with the product.

For instance, many people all over the web and in forums tell you to mix and paint like this… 50/50 mixture, roll on 8-10 coats. Let dry for hours and even days before applying another coat and yeah, you also have to sand in between coats, and buff with your hand.

Give me a break!

Do you want a EASIER and FASTER way of doing things… and get professional results in the process?

Watch the video above to see what you can take and apply to your special project. Learn to paint your car truck or bike with rustoleum paints by using a spray gun. I really don’t recommend rolling, sorry. If you want beautiful finishes, then learn how to spray.

And don’t worry, because we’ll teach you everything.

You will know how and get professional results at a fraction of the cost compared to using 100% automotive based paint products.

We do reveal the secret blend, the proper paint flash times and the kind of paint/mixture you would want to use for the ULTIMATE rustoleum finish.

You’ll even have the option to customize your rustoleum paint job like no other has done before.

By adding pearls and or flakes to your blend (colors are your choice). We will show you step-by-step how to transform the basic 50 dollar paint job into a stunning showpiece. 

Please feel free to comment below, we would love to hear back from you 🙂

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Talk soon and Thank you,

Tony and the RPJ Team


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  1. Curt B
    12 years ago

    Looks great now! I’m wondering why you didn’t wetsand between the green color and the clear coat. Did I miss that somehow? If not, won’t that clearcoat peel over time?

    • Tony
      12 years ago

      You didn’t miss that. Because you don’t need to as long as you clear it within the open window time frame. If you cleared it after 2 weeks or more, a light scuff would work before clearing. The enamel is like a base coat. You don’t need to sand base coats before clearing.

  2. CArl
    12 years ago

    Great stuff
    A couple of things I’d like to know.
    How much are you thinning?
    You finished with a clear coat. What did you use for that? All I can find from Rustoleum is the spray clear.
    I just finished my wagon tonight and it came out supprisingly well just 2 bad spots were the tape pulled up some dime sized spots. The primer didn’t stick. Oh well a little touch up will fix it.
    Considering the car was painted with a brush by the previous owner I’m quite pleased.
    I will be painting some Olive-drab in the future is there a mixing chart for other colors?

    • Tony
      12 years ago

      How much am I thinning? I cover that in the RPJ Gold course. It all depends.
      Yes I finished with a clear (which I highly recommend) if you want a glossy long lasting finish.
      Awesome on that wagon, I would live to see pics!
      A mixing chart for rustoleum, I never heard of it ir seen one. You don’t have many options with rustoleum colors.
      You can enhance basic colors like I did in the video above by adding pearls or flake to your top clear coats. You can also add candy if you wish 🙂

  3. Dave Rivera
    12 years ago

    I would like to see some fiberglass work. I have a Gem golf car that needs fiberglass work done need to know how is done.
    Thank You

    • Tony
      12 years ago

      Dave, the steps in prepping paint for fiberglass, metal, plastic are mostly the same. Fiberglass work and resin is another subject. Are you looking for fiberglass repair videos like actually laying glass?

  4. Bruce
    12 years ago

    Hey Tony nice paint job. What are you using to reduce the rustoleum? What ratio?

    • Tony
      12 years ago

      I explain all of that in the RPJ course. I use mineral sprits to reduce, but not like what they say in forums. The clear and flash time is also very important when laying clear which is really recommended. Did you take a look at what you get in the RPJ Gold course here?