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Rustoleum Paint Job


Updates on the Rustoleum Paint Job Finally!

Here is a small dirt bike rustoleum paint project, we also have the larger John Deer Tractor project coming very soon and will also be included in the Exclusive RPJ Gold Course.

Many people on the net and on YouTube are raving over the rustoleum paint job. What they aren’t telling you is the long term finish effects that you’ll get after being in the weather for a few weeks.

Rustoleum Painted Panels

Rustoleum Painted Panels

Yeah, some of the images that you see claiming that they were painted years ago look nice, but be warned. They were probably garage kept or fake.

I’ve done the testing and basic rustoleum will not hold up. Even the rustoleum clears break down to fuel and thinners…

In the video above we actually show you tests we’ve done using gasoline and paint thinners, pouring them over rustoleum painted panels for a mini dirt bike.

You can clearly see that the clear does not hold up and becomes like mush just after seconds the thinner was poured onto it. In reality clear coats are supposed to protect your paint and also give it a nice gloss.

Then, we shoot three other panels with the “RPJ Secret Blend” that we reveal to you within the “RPJ Gold Course“. And guess what… The paint actually holds up to these materials!

In the end… you’ll have Longer Lasting Tripple Durability PRO Finishes on your special projects.

We do not recommend painting your project without using this PRO top-coat. and we do NOT recommend painting projetcs with rollers.

If roller painting is what you’re looking for, sorry… then we can’t help you. The course is strictly covering aerosol painting and HVLP spray gun painting.

Rustoleum Paint Job on Dirt Bike (secret blend)

Rustoleum Paint Job on Dirt Bike (secret blend)

Within the course we will also show you how to paint basic rustoleum enamels (non aerosol) and also rustoleum spray paint graphics, 2 tone with pearls if you wish to SHOW-OFF 🙂

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed the video. More coming very soon!

Please post your comments below, we would love to hear your feed back 🙂


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  1. chris
    12 years ago

    Good video Tony, nice to see a new one posted.
    I’m planning to paint my car and can’t wait to see what you’ve come
    up with.
    But how much would something like this cost? Is there places
    that allow you to rent spray guns or would I have to buy one? I’m
    just trying to get a sense of how expensive or inexpensive this will be.

  2. gordon
    9 years ago

    Your video shows in detail you painting PLASTIC with your rustoleum & pro-clearcoat finish, and then testing it with the gasoline and acetone, But what about using and testing that paint and Pro-clear on a car’s METAL hood?