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Let me guess…

You’re looking to paint your car, truck or bike yourself and you want to SAVE MONEY. I know.

Look, I give you 100% credit and congratulations for stepping up to the plate & being a car junkie just like the rest of us.

Not many guys are ballsy to do what we do.

I’m Serious!

But there’s a problem, a BIG PROBLEM if you don’t know what I’m talking about yet…

Take it from me… I know how frustrating it can be when you’re spending hours searching the net for some decent information on how YOU can quickly get started in painting your special project with Rustoleum paints, and of course…

On A Budget Too!

Hi I’m Tony,

Tony Bandalos

If you don’t already know… I run and manage one of the most popular do-it-yourself auto body and paint training web sites in the world. Yeah, no kidding. FIY it’s called

Here’s a 71 word summery about who I am and why you should trust me:

I’ve been painting cars, bikes and trucks since I was 13 years old. By 18, I ran my own body shop with with more work and customers that I could handel. I down sized my business to high end clients and only take in jobs that I felt like customizing. Forward 10 years. Started an online training community that currently helps thousands of auto body enthusiasts worldwide and I love doing it.


But Frankly, This is ALL About YOU!


…and on with my rant and what I have to offer you today.

Yeah, you’ve probably been to many other websites on the net reading the forums, watching all of the YouTube videos, and doing a bunch of google searches on how to get your project looking like a mean machine and trying to find out what the best mixtures, reducers and techniques that you need to get this thing going…

And you’ve been thinking that it’s a pretty good idea to paint your next project with the Rustoleum Paint Job. You know, The $50 Dollar Paint Job.

Well, if you’re thinking of getting it done from the information you’ve been getting so far, then good luck and I hope it comes out as you wished.

SO, Are you going to roll it on?

I don’t think so…. well,

I hope not.


Why Rolling on Rustoleum Requires That You
Thin Your Paint WAY Too Much!


The fact of the matter is… I also think it’s a waste of time and energy.

OK, I may be lazy. But Seriously, wouldn’t you want to get dazzling finishes on your special project with the least amount of effort and time? …or am I really out of my mind?

I mean, you see these guys out there saying to mix your Rustoleum paints 50/50 which is 1/1 by the way with mineral spirits, or acetone, some say use both, some say do a 3/1/1 mixture blah blah blah…

Have you seen what their jobs look like after a few weeks? or even a few days?

Coming from a PRO automotive body shop background I NEVER thought of painting with Rustoleum paints.

And when rolling on your paint, (if you still decide to do it after reading this letter) then you need to thin your paint by 50% – 60%

Do you know what that does when trying to get some color on a panel? I mean, geez! you’re looking at 10-12 coats of paint. Do you know how long this takes? Your flash time, your constant sanding, your blood, sweat and tears that you have to go through to get your car painted?

Here’s The Real Reason Why YOU Have To Thin Down Your Paints So Much When Rolling…

  1. First, you’ll have to use a foam roller. Just because with other rollers, it will come out worse.
  2. Your Paint must be thin because of AIR BUBBLES in your paint

Yep! You’ll have to deal with a TON of Orange Peel and Air Bubbles during the process. And the reason why you need to thin your paint is because the bubbles will become easier to  POP (on it’s own of course) and you can also Pull Your Hair Out while hoping that it comes out ok.


The Cure…
HVLP & Correct Paint Mixtures


Yes indeed.

I say, spray it on if you have the resources and the will. Use a HVLP spray gun. You’ll be GLAD that you did. Frankly, Just skip the trial and error and child’s play.

And this is why I recommend spraying on your paint. You need ATOMIZATION, which means: To break your paint into tiny particles so you get a MUCH nicer paint job and gloss. (Works on Matte finishes also).

By spraying on your paint and using the correct paint blend you’ll also save 500% in time painting than the traditional (rolling method).

Here is a custom SLK32 AMG That I customized below…

Rustoleum Paint Job Project

Painted by Tony Bandalos

That’s NOT a Rustoleum paint job, but we can get 99% close to that look, and if you want… you can even color sand and buff just like the pros. And I’ll show you EXACTLY how YOU can do it!


 Why I’m So Confident You’ll Love The “RPJ Gold”
Training System…


If you read the headline above you would have seen that I’ve really spent $873.65 in all kinds of Rustoleum paints. I tested them all. I even wasted many quarts of oil based Rustoleum paint, thinners, reducers, hardeners, mineral spirits, acetone, paint cups and sticks to say the least.

Rustoleum Paint Reactions

Rustoleum Chemical Reaction

I’ve experienced many chemical reactions! … and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that I have.

I was determined to make this paint blend work only because I told myself that I would NEVER paint Rustoleum paints. Then seen how everyone else painting Rustoleum was wasting all of their precious time and money. It just made me sick.

I knew that from my automotive auto body experience that there was an easier and faster way to achieve High Gloss Professional finishes that are long lasting and VERY durable.

…And I did, all with 90% Rustoleum Paints.


…Here’s What I Got For You

I recently recorded a complete Rustoleum paint project (from start-to-finish)

You can easily take the SAME TECHNIQUES that I use and use the same techniques to paint your car, truck or anything  you want with Rustoleum paints.

In these 14 (ten – twelve minute step-by-step videos) I EXPOSE it ALL. And it’s done for you so you can easily copy everything you see and apply it to your car or your current special project that you’re working on and GET EYE POPPING RESULTS!

Your friends and family will simply be Amazed at what you’ve done.


Here’s What You’ll Instantly Discover Inside of The RPJ Gold Course:

  1. What Paints To Use & How To Mix Them Properly (the 50/50 rule is out!

  2. How To Properly Prep Your Panels when painting anything, car, truck, bike, parts…

  3. Times For Proper Flash (times in between coats) sometimes days…

  4. What reducers I use and what kind of clear coat I recommend. (not what you think).

  5. How to Spray Using Your HVLP Spray Gun

  6. Gun Settings, Cleaning, and Proper Spraying Flow & Techniques

  7. Basic Body Work & Paint

  8. How to Get PRO Gloss & Save Time (no more 8-10 coats of paint!) only 2!

  9. Long Lasting Durable Finishes That You Can Buff Out Like Professional Custom Jobs!

  10. How To Add Pearls and or Flakes To Achieve Custom Finishes That Blow People Away

  11. PRO Color Sanding & Buffing Techniques

  12. How To Mask & Paint Custom Flames & Graphics (using Rustoleum aresol spray cans)

  13. Plus Much Much More!

PLUS 7 FREE Videos a real $47. value. Read below to learn more about it.



Here’s What This Course Will Do For You and What You Need To Do Right Now Before The Cost of Membership Goes Up…



You’ll get instant access my step-by-step formula and learn how to get PRO finishes using Rustoleum paints that come in aerosol spray cans as well as your typical Quart and Gallon size oil based Rustoleum paints.

You will save your time and money by following my way of painting this stuff. Example… You won’t have to redo your job 3-4 or more times because it keeps coming out like crap or you keep getting reactions. You will save money by not having to buy more and more paint and materials for your project.

You’ll know exactly what to do next, and how to paint your special project with Rustoleum paint and not get confused about the process.

You have my 100% guarantee that you will gain intensive knowledge on this subject and will be equipped with all of the know how to tackle your Rustoleum paint project and know how to paint your next project weather it’s your car, bike, truck, tractor or whatever…

This is a course with 14 step-by-step training videos that take you through the ENTIRE Rustoleum Paint Job process and you get to look right over my shoulder and see how I do it and most importantly how YOU can do it.

I will be adding more videos and projects to this course soon and when I do, the price will quickly go back up to at least $97. or higher.

I am giving you  100% complete access to all of my training’s right now because I frankly want your feedback on the course as well as a real testimonial on how this information changed your way of thinking and how you got REAL-RESULTS by using it and I am willing to give you a HUGE discount if you take me up on this offer Right Now.

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That’s it 🙂
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