Module 1: RPJ Gold Course
Rustoleum Tractor Project A-Z (HVLP) Spray Gun Painting Series

Video 1: Paint removal if needed




Video 2: Body Work 101




Video 3: Cleaning Spray Gun Tips




Video 4: Priming With Rustoleum (NO Hardener)




Video 5: Sanding Primer & Applying Glaze Putty If Needed…




Video 6: Prepping For Paint




Video 7: Painting Rustoleum With HVLP Spray Gun (2-3 coats)




Video 8: Masking For Custom Flames!




Video 9: Painting Flames With Rustoleum Aerosol Paint Cans




Video 10: Spraying Undercoating and Flat Black for Accents




Video 11: Mixing Urethane/Polyurethane Clear Coat and Applying Over Rustoleum




Video 12: Spraying The Clear Coat




Video 13: Color Sanding The Clear Coat




Video 14: PRO Buffing & Finished RPJ Project!




UPDATE: The NEW Downloadable FULL PDF Transcript of this complete training series will be finished soon. It will also lay out the step-by-step process in detail with pictures.

Thanks for your patience!

Tony and the RPJ Gold Team 🙂