Discover Rustoleum Paint Job Secrets From Home!

Hey guys!

Do you want to put a cool cheap and easy rustoleum paint job on your car from home?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Many people are really confused about the process of getting setup with a rustoleum paint job.

Do I spray it on? Do I Roll it on with a roller? What is the BEST method I should use to get the nicest finish with little time and the least amount of money?

I’ve been painting¬†automobiles, boats and motorcycles for over 10 years with professional automotive paint finishes, and frankly I NEVER USED THIS STUFF!


…until now that is. Let me explain.

Rustoleum paint is really for home stuff. Stuff like your outdoor metal tables and aluminum chars etc… and NOT for cars, trucks and bikes…

It’s not as durable as your regular automotive finishes like PPG, DUPONT, SHERWIN WILLIAMS paints but it can be cheaper and I now understand that some of you guys just don’t have the money and or resources to get things done the ‘right way’.

So, I’ve come up with a step-by-step solution on how to paint your car or project with rustoleum car paint and getting really nice results on a easy budget.

This is so easy even a 15 year old boy can do it. And if this is what you really want to do then I have the hand holding steps that will guide you through to a successful rustoleum car paint job from home.

In my next posts I will write more about the products you’ll need and the methods that you can take to painting your special project with rustoleum paint at home.

Talk soon!



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  1. Alen
    13 years ago

    Waitin to see what you’ve got!

    • Eric Felipe
      13 years ago

      i did the hood of my car with rustoleum paint an it came out nice i just used 2000 grit wet sand paper an mcguires rubbing compound an it came out like glass i was too poor to take it to maaco

  2. paul E peterson
    13 years ago

    When when when!

    • Tony
      13 years ago

      Soon Soon Soon!

  3. Bryan
    13 years ago

    I’m gonna try a 4:1 mix of rustoleum and mineral spirits with some enamel hardener to speed the drying.. The 50/50 mix seems too runny and very little coverage, also more subjective to fish eyes and bubbles.

  4. Louie
    13 years ago

    Hey Tony, I like all your videos on Youtube. I am not quite done with the prep. work on my 1990 chevy corsica. But when It’s time to roll on the paint, I’d like to use your rustoleum blending secret. Please let me know when it’s ready. Thanks, and God bless.

  5. coiln
    12 years ago

    were can l get the paint from (i live in england)

    • PIO
      12 years ago

      hi I live in Europe and I painted my car (with a car paint gun) with an other brand called Hammerite which is much the same type of paint as Rustoleum. I tinned it 4:1 with Xylol (xylene) which is solvent. The paint rep recommended this. The car looks great after some wet sanding and buffing.

  6. Luke
    12 years ago

    We spray our old kickers with it, Wet look hardner…some lacquer thinner and mix up a few colors… shoot it on..buff it..done!

    • Luke
      12 years ago

      Its shines fine.. it just has no depth.

  7. sharon
    12 years ago

    I have a question I have been use the step by step instruction from the original man from Canada who came up with this great affordable paint job for cars.
    I have been primeing the car with Rust-oleum Prime in a can ,1/2 prime 1/2 mineral spirits. Let in dry for 24 hours before doing a second coat. Do I have to wait that long to do a second coat. The instruction are 2 coat prmie ,wet sand,2 coat prime,wet sand,2 coat prime,wet sand. Then you do the same with the paint. I would like to cut down the time on primeing & painting. Need help.

    • Tony
      12 years ago

      Do you mean Jako from Canada? What guy from Canada?

      Are you talking about the AEROSOL can? or regular can paint primer? Yes, you need to wait that long of you paint the way he teaches. Fortunately, I have came up with a simpler solution that makes the process MUCH faster. This will all be revealed within the RPJ course. Please reply I want to know what primer you are using. Thank you for the comments…

  8. bruce weaver
    12 years ago

    like to know more about secert blend for rustoleuatm paint jobs for cars, what reduce to use or what. waiting for more inform. thank you

    • Tony
      12 years ago

      Ok Bruce! The course will be out soon!

  9. bruce weaver
    12 years ago

    like to know more of secert blend, and more inform.

  10. Rick Webb
    12 years ago

    hey Tony,
    I have just discovered this concept of painting cars with Rustolium Paint today. After sorting through numerous U-tube videos on the topic I noticed yours, and as you are a professional painter who seems to have plenty of knowledge on this process, I was hoping you could offer the guidance, how-to’s, materials, equipment, necessary to pull this off for myself. I’ve been a professional Automotive technician for over 20 years although have never got into body or paint. When I first heard of this painting cars with Krylon, I thought it was a joke! although after seeing some of the results, I’d like to try it out myself. I notice you have mentioned a video on the subject with “Secret Blend” looks as though the talk of it began Jan. last year, and your comments of it being available soon, although I still can’t find it. It still not available?
    Well, hopefully you will have it available soon! Please keep me posted, Thanks……

    • Tony
      12 years ago

      How are you doing with your project rick? I show how to paint with aerosol and the oil based rustoleum paints. My father had passed which put this site on stand by for about 6 months. Now the course is LIVE and guys love it!

  11. Rick Webb
    12 years ago

    Not Krylon, I meant Rustoleum Paint. hahaha!

  12. Reggie From Mississippi...
    12 years ago

    Hey I’m really looking to try the rustoleum paint job. I just need the steps of painting it to get the best out come. Not the body work, just the paint and finishing parts.

  13. glenn wishart
    12 years ago

    waiting to paint my truck using the new course hurry up

    • Tony
      12 years ago

      OK! we are on it!

  14. Bobby
    12 years ago

    I am a 15 year old boy and i need to paint my truck. i need to know how to prep my truck to paint and the secret mixture.

  15. Mark Wagoner
    12 years ago

    Do you decrease the letdown for each susquent paint layer? what type of buffing tecnique do you recommend between paint layers?For any bondo (body filler repair mat’l) do you recommed a primer coat? If so what type”? Should it be sanded after applied but before painted? Do you recommend a final clear coat layer?

    • Tony
      12 years ago

      No you don’t. Yes primer is recommended. and I talk all about this within the RPJ Gold course here. Yes I recommend a final clear coat.

  16. kathlen taylor
    11 years ago

    I need someone to paint my truck at areasonable price please call me at 619 621-7619 Kathleen thanks”