The 50 Dollar Paint Job Exposed!

Are you looking for a $50 Dollar Paint Job?

Are you spending hours searching in forums looking for the ‘right’ information on how to paint your car, truck, bike or lawnmower with rustoleum paints?

The Rustoleum Paint Job Tractor Project!

Well, we have the solution for you that not only guides you Step-by-Step on how to repair your project with body filler but also how to sand, prep, mask, mix and paint your special project using rustoleum paints.

We reveal to you the ‘Secret Ingredients‘ used to get longer lasting and glossier finishes with the product. We also show you you can supercharge your paint job by spraying urethane clear-coat on your job.

With urethane clear coats you have the flexibility to further customize your paint job by adding in metal flake and pearls if you wish.

We will show you the ropes from Start To Finish! Period.

This why you short-cut your way to a professional looking paint job without the dreadful trial and error process that many newbie painters go through.

Auto Body & Paint Prep on Toyota Truck

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We will have FULL-Training videos and manuals that will be available to you as soon as production is finished!
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  1. Debbie
    13 years ago

    Need help painting my 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee that’s got rust on the roof and hood. The paint on the sides are actually in good condition. Mahalo & Aloha 😉

  2. Guy
    13 years ago

    I am on my last coat and I was wondering if I should wet sand before I clear it or just clear it ? The folks on youtube are saying that if I dont clear it then my paint job wont last long and on top of that I hurd that if you drip gas on your car or truck after fueling the gas would eat threw the rustoleum if not cleared.

    • Tony
      13 years ago

      It’s true that if you don’t clear it… you will not have much protection like you would a paint job with clear coat. You can actually apply clear after your last coat dries.

  3. Andy
    13 years ago

    Tony, I noticed you did work on John Deere garden riding for paint? i really love to have picture or video so i can post discuss people about your paint jobs!!!!

    • Tony
      13 years ago

      Awesome Andy! You can embed any of my youtube videos if you wish. Is there a pretty large forum there for tractor painting?

  4. Joseph
    12 years ago

    Your Very Helpfull with your video’s.. Thanks

  5. Joseph
    12 years ago

    Thanks for your video’s

  6. billy
    12 years ago

    hey tony i bought a electric spray gun an i was going to use rustoleum to paint my car whats the ratio i should use between paint an thiner? an what type of clear coat should i use to finish up the job with

  7. JK47
    12 years ago

    Yeah Tony! My burning question is how to paint over a chroma clear coat. Can I just rough it up or do I need to sand down to the chroma base coat? Thanks man! Aloha from the B.I. Jason

    • Tony
      12 years ago

      You can just scuff it woth 400 wet sand. You don’t need to go to the base…

  8. Desiree
    12 years ago

    Hi Tony, so many questions on how to properly do a restoleum paint job.. Im a teen so i don’t really have the money to afford a nice pro paint job or a nice enough car to get a paint job on.. i just want to fix up an old rusty car im driving around and i really want to do a metallic royal blue. I heard metallic is not a kind i would want to use when when spray painting a car, is that true? also if i did do the metallic royal blue what would be the best base color to use, i was thinking metallic silver?

    • Tony
      12 years ago

      You can paint over white base, Rustoleum paints are very thick and it basically covers anything pretty easily. So a base coat is not as important compared to the base coat clear coat automotive finishes.

  9. Cam
    12 years ago

    Hi Tony,
    Me, my dad, and my brother have decided to restore my dad’ s 1967 Jeepster Commando. We felt that a bulletproof truck deserves a bulletproof paint job. I would like to do a “budget” paint, as we purchased the car for $800 (it works perfectly), but we live in massachusetts. Even though it will spend its worse days in the showroom (at my dad’s dealership), I was wondering if the rustoleum would need a clear coat or a protective; and if so, how to make it/ what is it.
    Thanks, I watch all your videos, Cam

  10. Cam
    12 years ago

    Also, is mixing rustoleum colors a bad idea, because the commando’s factory color was in between safety and regal red.
    Thank you